Grunting Growler

If You’re Here For Craft Beer,

You’ve Come To The Right Place.

 If you came to find out more about growlers, you may also be in the right place.

(It all depends on your meaning of “growler”. Please see our FAQ page)

The GRUNTING GROWLER is a NEW Glasgow craft beer shop,

and we believe “life is just too short to drink crappy beer”.

Once fully launched, you can:

1. Browse our rockin’ selection of craft beers

2. Learn more about them

3. Best of all, you can try before you buy

Our focus is on draught beer, which means with a one off purchase of our reusable jug, called a growler, we’ll fill you up with the craft beer sample you loved the most.

So next time you want a beer…

“Don’t Get A Howler, Take Home A Growler”

So Let's recap the steps

Grunting Growler Icons-03


Hop into our store (pardon the pun) & browse our rockin’ selection of sweet brews

Grunting Growler Icons-05


Sip some samples of draught beer & learn more about them

Grunting Growler Icons-07


Let us fill you up with your favourite sample of craft beer

Grunting Growler Icons-01


Kick back & indulge in your beautifully crafted take home beer (sipping sound) Ahhhhh!

Customer Testimonial

""He fills a two litre bottle for you. You drink it and take the bottle back. He fills it again. It's the perfect circular economy." "

− @yogalen

""Tasty tasty beer in the comfort of your own home, say goodbye to overpriced mass produced stuff and hello to quality beer.""

− Stephen Rowan

""This is on my way home from work and I now have my own growler. Goodbye money, hello borderline alcoholism.""

− Graham Craig

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