Glasgow Craft Beer Shop

If you’re here to find out more about a Glasgow craft beer shop, you’ve come to the right place.

If you came to find out more about growlers, you may also be in the right place. (It all depends no your meaning of “growler”. Please see our FAQ page)

Checkout the short video (3 mins) which explains exactly what the Grunting Growler’s Glasgow craft beer shop does!

We love craft beer, but we also love you just as much. So after finding out that a bunch of people thought that their local store had no clue about craft beer, and were skimping on the variety, we, the Grunting Growler, decided to set up the ultimate Glasgow craft beer shop! Why?… Well, I already told you, but it’s because we love you, and want you to enjoy beer just as much as us. We put you in control by letting you sample draught beer before you buy it. Then we’ll fill you up with the sample you loved the most- right into your reusable jug called a growler.

It’s pretty simple, but I’ll break down even more:

  1. Sample Free Beer
  2. Fill the Growler
  3. Drink the Growler
  4. Repeat

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