Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Growler?

A growler is a reusable glass jug that holds and transports uber delicious craft beer. Its name came about when beer used to be taken home from a local boozer in a tin can with a lid on top. When the beer started to fizz, it would let out a hissing-“growling” sound.

Hence the name growler.

Where's your shop?

Our awesome growler shop is at 51 Old Dumbarton Road, Glasgow, G3 8RF!

We’re slanging growlers every:

Fri-Sat: 10-10
Tue-Thurs, Sun: 12-8
Mon: Closed

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Why do my friends laugh when I say “growler”?

Well your mates have good reason to laugh at you for saying “growler”, and that’s because it sometimes has a different meaning in the UK. Well let’s see… How can I put it? It’s a ladies special region. You may hear people saying,”Oiy, geeza swatch a yir growler” from time to time.

Next time someone says this to you, we encourage you to say the following, “You can’t have a “swatch”, but you’re more than welcome to have a taste.”

Please note that we do not endorse such type of language, and it is coincidental, rather than deliberate, that our name is associated with such provocative slang terminology. That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it.

Do you like turtles?

Well, yeah, don’t you? Cowabunga, dude!

How long will my growler stay fresh for?

If unopened, a growler will stay fresh and fully carbonated for up to 6 weeks. Once opened, we recommend that you drink the beer within 3 days, but we highly doubt that you’ll have the patience to wait that long.

How should I clean my Growler?

Don’t worry too much about cleaning out your growler. That’s our job to do. However, a quick rinse with hot water is recommended. When you get your growler re-filled, we will clean and sanitize each growler to make sure that no nasty crap gets into your beer.

Where should I drink my beer?

The great thing about a growler, is that you can drink it pretty much anywhere you want (given it’s legal to do so) as long as you don’t drink it in our shop. Our motto is, “You ain’t gotta go home, but you gotta get the heck up outta here”. It’s not that we don’t love you- because we really do- it’s just that the Chief Constable will put us in sin bin if we allowed you to do that. So we’ve came up with a few different places and activities for you to do while you drink your craft beer:

  • Dress your dog up as a barman and have him pour you a pint- it’ll be great. You’ll have all the benefits of a pub without having to listen to girls say, “let me take a selfie”. Note: Please do share a picture of your pint pouring dog.
  • Have a bath beer! There’s nothing better than having a cold pint while kicking back in a bubble bath. Plus, beer is really healthy for your hair and skin! So, feel free to have a wash while doing your best impersonation of Stone Cold Steve Austin. “And that’s the bottom line ‘cause Stone Cold Said so!”
  • Or just kick back in your PJ’s, order a takeaway and indulge yourself into a cold, refreshing, beautifully brewed, magically tasting craft beer.